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 Our Services

 Our Services

Practice Management, Process & Growth

We offer professional coaching, consulting and growth planning services. 

We leverage the latest technology solutions to build custom and scalable platforms that deliver organic sustainable growth to partner firms.

Quick Start Consult

Are you interested in growing your business but not quite sure where to start?  Schedule a Quick Start consultation/onboarding call with our leadership team to learn how to leverage our vast resources.

Point of Sale Support

LFS has professional advisors that are available to assist you and your client, in person, at the point of sale.  If preferred, our point of sale advisor team is available 24/7 to consult over the phone or through secure video conferencing.
Our Services

Advanced. Business. Affluent.

We specialize in large case management, advanced sales support and impaired risk cases.  Our LFS Essentials Toolkit will help you navigate the deep underwriting and product niches our carrier partners offer.

Client Seminars

We provide advanced planning, promotional marketing, and qualified key note speakers for premier partner firms and advisors.

Independent Underwriting

We partner with one of the top independent underwriting teams in the nation represented by ex carrier underwriters and physicians.

Advanced Planning Team

LFS provides access to independent advanced planning teams and top council at each carrier partner.