Labyrinth Financial Services

  • “I cannot count how many times one of the great employees at LFS has helped my quoting, writing or servicing an account. They have truly helped grow my book of business and have always been so great to work with – they really do make selling life insurance easy!” – Dana

  • “I am a long time P&C and Life agent. LFS and their employees are easy to work with. I might need a complicated quote or two, some advice from them or have some general questions and the people who work on that team are always there for me. I appreciate their support.” – Jon

  • “I met Tim years ago through a longtime friend Jack Jennerette. I went to several meetings in South Carolina, got to know Tim and liked him immediately. I have only sent a small amount of business to LFS, but they have treated me great. I am 72 now and after 50 years, I am not writing much business, but I know they are there for me if I need them. Thank you LFS.” – Donnie

  • “LFS and the team are always extremely helpful and willing to assist with the toughest to the easiest cases. They are spot on when discussing cases to place with a carrier. They always have an solution to any question I might have. Wish all the carriers we work with were more like LFS. Thank you so much.” – Darla

  • “The personal service I receive from LFS is incredible! I believe I am a “high maintenance” client and if I don’t receive and answer right away when I email or call, I have an answer by the end of the day. I really appreciate the relationships LFS has with underwriters, as LFS does a great job relaying the intricate nuances of certain business cases so teh underwriters understand why a case should be approved a particular way.” – Shaun